Woorabinda Indigenous Flora Display: Feasibility Study

The idea of a garden by the Woorabinda Lake in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia was first proposed in 2001 by the Friends of the Stirling Linear Park.  The garden was to be established to demonstrate the horticultural values of Adelaide Hills indigenous plants, conserve indigenous vegetation and provide a valuable education resource.


Since then, some minor plantings were done and more recently I proposed a Woorabinda Indigenous Flora Display to both the Friends and the Adelaide Hills Council. I suggested that such a garden would focus on the flora of the Woorabinda Bushland Reserve and would blend into the surrounding vegetation that is being managed by the Friends. As an Indigenous Flora Display it would be a recorded living collection displayed and maintained for the purpose of recreation, education and conservation.

As a result of this proposal, I was contracted by the Council to prepare a Feasibility Study for the display which further considered the:

  • Purpose for an Indigenous Flora Display at Woorabinda Bushland Reserve
  • Site
  • Living Collection
  • Stakeholders
  • Visitation
  • Staffing and Volunteers
  • Likely Costs
  • Phased development