Royal Botanic Gardens Jordan – Feasibility Plan

CASE STUDY: Botanical display development

Royal Botanic Gardens Jordan – Feasibility Plan
Although a botanic garden for Jordan had been proposed by Princess Basma bint Ali in the mid 1990s the idea had not progressed because of a lack of funding. However, as a result of the Botanic Gardens Conservation International’s “Investing in Nature Program” funding, the initiation of the botanic garden became in 2004. As a part of this project I was closely involved in the development of a feasibility study to be used not only to show the value of the proposal but also to gain support from the Jordanian government.  The major role of the feasibility study was to show that the proposed botanic garden goes far beyond the provision of just another park.  Rather it will:

  • provide a botanic garden and National Herbarium that will bring prestige and scientific credibility to Jordan at both regional and international levels
  • provide a tourist attraction in a country that has few
  • make effective use of one of Jordan’s most scenic areas which is otherwise virtually unused
  • be internationally unique and will be a chance to show Jordan’s flora in a way that is appropriate to Jordan
  • be an excellent opportunity to provide a local enhancement for the surrounding residential area.

The success of the both the study and the promotion of the proposal was the granting of a large area of attractive land near Amman and the support of several other bodies in Jordan.

The old Forestry Building on a high point in the new Royal Botanic Gardens, Jordan Oman.