Review of Street Plantings in Adelaide

The review included the detailed assessment of and recommendations for identified planting beds on Prospect Road and a general assessment of the planting beds along the identified section of Churchill Road with general comments on the work needed.  The former included the

  • assessing the condition of the plants in separate beds
  • assessing  general condition of the different species
  • assessing growing conditions in the beds, and
  • recommending actions for each bed, including options for replacement species

The latter included the assessment of the condition/suitability of each of the species used in the planting beds along the entire area assessed.

Chrchill Road

For both roads guidelines for the ongoing management of each of the species planted was provided and the following information included:

  • expected form of each species
  • irrigation
  • fertilising
  • pruning
  • pest and disease control
  • species replacement
  • weeding
  • mulching