Policy development including the development and review of policies, plans and operations

Through the experience I have gained from numerous organisations, I can provide advice and plans on the development and management of botanical displays.  I am experienced in the assessment of the diverse range of issues associated with botanical display management and have a sound knowledge of available management practices and their effective implementation.

My experience has given me a sound understanding of the management process and I can provide a clear and concise plan that identifies existing resource issues, outlines desired outcomes and presents guidelines and actions that bring about management objectives.  In addition to experience, recommendations are based on detailed literature reviews, on-site surveys and consultation and seek to specifically meet the requirements of the client and consider the needs of possible stakeholders.

I fully understand the need for adaptive and realistic management and provide practical guidelines and actions that are consistent with financial, staffing and social constraints.  I can also develop adaptive mechanisms including monitoring and reporting, so as to monitor plan implementation and evaluate management effectiveness.

Specifically, I can provide:

  • Feasibility Plans
  • Strategic Plans
  • Business Plans
  • Reviews of any of the above
  • Reviews of development proposals
  • Reviews of Master Plans

Case Studies
External Review of the National Botanical Institute, South Africa
Strategic Planning for a new Center for Plant Conservation, Abu Dhabi
Budgetary Planning at the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide, Australia
Gardens of Life at proposed New Royal Adelaide Hospital, Australia