Plant conservation, including ex situ conservation, restoration ecology and bush regeneration

Plant conservation, including ex situ conservation, restoration ecology and bush regeneration Being the co-founder of the Australian Network for Plant Conservation and the Indonesian Network for Plant Conservation, as well as the Director of Botanic Gardens Conservation International’s “Investing in Nature” Program for the Middle East and Asia, I have had extensive experience in the development of plant conservation programs As a part of the conservation work being done by the Australian National Botanic Gardens, I co-authored Australia’s first official recovery plans for two endangered species near Canberra and was also a member of the recovery team for a further species in and near Canberra.  This involvement in both in situ and ex situ conservation greatly assisted in demonstrating the need for their integration in Australia. An important part of my ex situ conservation work in Australia was the establishment of the Endangered Species Collection at the Australian National Botanic Gardens including a major project which successfully


Grevillea iaspicula which was one of the first threatened plant species to have a national recovery plan. (Mark Richardson)

brought 38 species of endangered plants in SE Australia into cultivation and included the rediscovery of one species thought to be extinct. With over 10 years experience in regeneration and bushland management in a diverse range of vegetation communities in both temperate and arid zones I can also provide expert advice on the restoration of indigenous plant communities, including practical and strategic advice on the regeneration and reconstruction of degraded vegetation and the treatment of environmental weeds.   As a part of this, advice can also be provided on issues relating to threatened species including the amelioration of threats, the restoration of threatened species’ critical habitat and endangered ecological communities and the ex situ conservation of threatened species.

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