Oman Botanic Garden

CASE STUDY: Botanical display development

The Oman Botanic Garden is among the newest botanic gardens currently being developed in the world.  A very substantial institution, it concentrates on the flora and the heritage of Oman. An important aspect of the Oman Botanic Garden will also be to emphasise the importance of sustainability.

When the Adviser for Conservation for the Diwan of Royal Court was requested to look at the development of a botanic garden for Oman in 2004 I was asked to be involved with the project.  At the commencement of the Oman Botanic Garden project it was as the Director for [Botanic Gardens Conservation International]’s Middle East and Asia program and since mid 2006 it has been as a sub-consultant to BGCI which continues their association with the Oman Botanic Garden.

From 2006 to 2011 I:

  • assisted in the initial consideration of the project’s feasibility
  • identified other botanic gardens that could be used as models for the garden
  • assisted with the selection of the master planning team
  • assisted with the selection of the design team including the landscaping, architecture and interpretation
  • reviewed the master planning and detailed design work jointly with the client team
  • assisted in the interviewing and selection of expert staff for the botanic garden
  • assisted in the development of the management plan for the botanic garden
  • provided introductory botanical garden training to staff
  • organised and ran a tour of similar institutions in Australia for botanic garden staff
  • organised and ran a workshop for expert input from arid zone botanic gardens
Early planning Oman Botanic Gardens

Early planning on the Oman Botanic Garden site (Mark Richardson)