East Asia Botanic Gardens Network (EABGN) Meetings

CASE STUDY: Facilitation of national and international programs and meetings

East Asia Botanic Gardens Network (EABGN) Meetings

The botanic gardens community of the East Asia region is among the oldest and most diverse in the world with three major botanic gardens associations in China, Japan and Korea.  However, the amount of interaction between the gardens has been limited and the Botanic Gardens Conservation International’s (BGCI’s) work in the region provided a very good opportunity to initiate better communication between the countries of the region.  The establishment of the East Asia Botanic Gardens Network was initiated at a meeting that I called in Osaka in 2006. It was attended by the heads of the region’s major botanic gardens associations and they agreed that it would be worthwhile to further explore the idea of the East Asia Botanic Gardens Network.

As a part of this, I initiated a multi language special edition of the BGCI’s BGjournal to focus on the botanic gardens of East Asia and their conservation work.  It was published in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and English and provided a good picture of the region’s activities and issues.

The Osaka meeting was followed by the first EABGN meeting that was held in Kunming, China in 2007.  This was organised and run jointly by the BGCI Asia staff, myself and the Kunming Botanic Gardens.  There was a second meeting held in Seoul in South Korea in 2008.

Mark Richardson chairing the planning meeting for the
East Asia Botanic Gardens Network held in Osaka. (Bian Tan)