Budgetary Planning at the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide

CASE STUDY: Policy, Plans and Operations

To consider possible budgetary changes at the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide, I was contracted to consult with the botanic gardens managers to outline the potential changes and to determine the impacts of them on the Garden’s programs and on the community and stakeholders.  This included:

  • Reviewing current programs
  • Identifying possible synergies in programming arrangements across all sites
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of current assets in delivering Gardens’ programs

In carrying out this work, particular note was given to the:

  • integrity and profile of the Gardens as a scientific and cultural institution
  • potential impact on Gardens’ collections to protect the quality of Gardens maintenance
  • effective delivery of collections and learning programs (including horticultural training) for community and industry
  • effective management of community and business partnerships
  • effective management of functions & events
  • program restoration in context of future budget restoration

A range of budget scenarios were provided along with risks and opportunities.

As a follow up to the above work I was contracted in 2010 to consult with botanic gardens staff and review the effect of any changes that had been made in 2009.  The principal issues addressed included:

  • the current work load
  • the capacity of the current staffing to carry that load
  • activities that could be varied
  • the impacts of further staffing changes
  • means of addressing those impacts including the sharing of staff between sites
  • the impact of the above on a botanic garden’s credibility