New Royal Adelaide Hospital – Gardens of Life

CASE STUDY: Policy, Plans and Operations

In June 2007, plans were unveiled by the South Australian State Government to build a new central hospital for Adelaide to replace the Royal Adelaide Hospital. To be completed in 2016, the new hospital is to be built on the railyards at the intersection of North Terrace and West Terrace in Adelaide.

An important aspect of the Torrens Health Partnership (THP) plan for the landscaping of the new hospital was develop it in a way that  could be linked into some of the themes of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. I was contracted to advise the THP team on an approach that would meet the endorsement of the Botanic Gardens whilst understanding its place in the hospital environment.  It was an opportunity to share my knowledge on the strategic theme applications including a sustainability, kitchen garden and gardens of health approach.

An important aspect of the contract was to assist in communicating with the Botanic Gardens with the objective of determining their support for the concept of the hospital garden and to determine their strengths in such collaboration.