Botanical living collection displays – development and management

Expert advice is available for the development, management and interpretation of botanical displays. Since the early 1980s I have been working with botanical displays of international renown and have worked throughout the Australasia, Asia and Middle East regions. My experience to date has included close involvement in the further development and management of the Australian National Botanic Gardens and the establishment of the Alice Springs Desert Park and the National Arboretum Canberra in Australia, the Oman Botanic Garden and the Royal Botanic Gardens, Jordan.  This work has included the initial development of concepts, selection of consultants for master and detailed planning, the recruitment of initial staff, decisions on the collections and the landscapes, collection of propagation material and the initial plantings of the living collection.  In doing so, I have worked both as a part of the contract team providing the planning and as a part of the client team assessing the plans prepared by consultants. The development of plant collections has formed an important part of my experience in a number of botanic gardens and arboreta.  These have included both exotic and indigenous plant collections coming from a wide range of natural environments with a particular emphasis on the development of conservation and desert plant collections. This has not only required the  development of collection policies but also organisation and field collection of the plant material for propagation and the management of plant collections including both their cultivation and the development of plant record systems. As a part of the development process, I have also been closely involved in the development of the interpretation at both the Australian and overseas projects.  This has included the development of interpretation plans and the content for signage, promotional material and audio interpretation.

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