Botanic Gardens Workshop in South Korea

Both myself and education consultant Janelle Hatherly were invited to plan and present at a three day workshop on developing and managing botanic gardens and arboreta in South Korea. It was held at the Chollipo Arboretum Foundation on the west coast of South Korea with presentations also given by Dr Yong-Shik Kim and Kunso Kim and translation done by Dr Unsook Song. The workshop was organised by the Korean Association of Botanic Gardens and Arboreta and supported financially by the Korea Forest Service

The 57 participants from 21 botanical gardens and arboreta including the Korea National Arboretum shared experiences on botanic gardens and living collection management. Presentations included:

  • Developing a botanic garden/living collection
  • Developing multi-purpose collections
  • Using living collections for plant conservation
  • Horticulture and nursery management
  • Engaging with visitors and communicating ideas
  • Education programs and public outreach
  • Environmental sustainability in botanic gardens

S Korea Workshop