Arab Botanic Gardens Network meetings

CASE STUDY: Facilitation of national and international programs and meetings

The botanic garden community in the Arab League is very small and has over the past few decades been in serious decline.  Within the twenty-three countries of the Arab League there exists a significant part of the world desert flora with many hundreds of plant species already threatened by extinction.

Working with the Royal Botanic Gardens in Jordan, I organised and ran both the first and second Botanic Gardens Conservation International supported meetings of plant conservation and botanic gardens representatives from Arab League countries that were held in Jordan in 2004 and 2007.  The second and larger meeting provided an accurate picture of the botanic gardens community in the countries of the Arab League and helped to encourage the effective interaction among current and future botanic gardens for the sake of plant conservation and people’s livelihoods.

As a part of the second meeting, Arabic translations of the Darwin Training Manual for Botanic Gardens, the International Agenda for Botanic Gardens in Conservation and the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation were launched. Again working in conjunction with the Royal Botanic Gardens in Jordan, I had been closely involved in the both the initiation and production of the publications.

The delegates of the second botanical gardens meeting held in Amman, Jordan in 2007 (Maysa Shishani)

More recently the Islamic Culture Foundation has commenced the establishment of a Network of Botanic Gardens in the Mediterranean and the Middle East (Med-O-Med).